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2011-11-05 21:08:14 by sonicflare9

this is sonicflare's friend Rudy he left a message in his room, which was passed onto me when he died on October 29 teling me the password to the account rayman777 is not sonicflare and its digusting that he is pretending to be my passed away friend.


Abel Moore

January 17, 1996 - October 29, 2011

sonicflare killed himself

2011-10-29 21:36:50 by sonicflare9

sonicflare killed himself


2011-10-29 21:22:13 by sonicflare9

I have no friends.

EVERYONE IS BANNING ME!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!


2011-10-29 19:37:02 by sonicflare9


If you were any dragon?

2011-10-29 18:34:31 by sonicflare9

What would you be?

If you were any dragon?


2011-10-29 17:13:50 by sonicflare9

What do you eat in the morning?

Tal9x9 and Shadowwalker15

2011-10-29 17:06:09 by sonicflare9

We are not friends anymore good riddance


2011-10-29 16:13:19 by sonicflare9

I cant celebrate Halloween.

So I bet

2011-10-29 13:04:34 by sonicflare9

Halloween is two days away